About Cavarious

Cavarious is a new concept and brand. It is created on the base of experience from our other coffee shops in Baltona group. The name was created by combining the meaning of words coffee (CAVA) and variety (VARIOUS). It should suggest a wide range of coffee but also many more products including sandwiches and cakes.
Our main purpose is to offer our Guests an excellent coffee in very elegant but cosy interiors. Calm atmosphere, subdued colors including wooden elements are our statement interior style details.
Furthermore, seasonal changed our proposals of the best coffees and teas in combination with a dedicated cookie or piece of cake, makes pleasure for the palate. Flavored pear tea and walnut cookie sounds delicious, does not it?
Given the different needs of our Guests, we have prepared a diverse range of snacks dedicated people on a sugar eliminated diet, gluten-free, vegetarian and also vegan diet.
Though CAVARIOUS means diversity. Everyone will find something for themselves.
Detailed offer available in the bookmark MENU
We select only the best Brazilian and Indian coffee beans that are roasted according to the individual requirements. The smoky aroma, clearly noticeable almond and dark chocolate flavors are what our customers love about the coffee we make. A wide range of spices and different kinds of milk including lactose-free soy and almond milk, allow us to create an individual composition that our customers can design themselves. We use different methods of brewing such as French press, aero press or dripper, making unlimited number of combinations that will satisfy even the most demanding tastes.
Following the global trends, we offer a decaffeinated coffee, obtained by natural methods of washing the caffeine out of the bean using the principle of osmosis. In opposition to the biggest producers, our supplier does not use any chemicals therefore the coffee offered in our coffee shops has milder flavor.